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Free Patent Search Resources


US Patent and Trademark office: The PTO offers free access to two searchable patent databases. The full-text database contains full-page images of U.S. patents issued since 1790 (that’s not a misprint; a recent update pushed the database back almost 200 years.)


WIPO: World Intellectual Property Organization


EPO: The search engines available here access a variety of patent filings (United Kingdom, European, Patent Cooperation Treaty/World International Property Organization, worldwide, and Japanese) in English, French, and German. Filings are retrievable in Portable Document Format, which requires the Adobe Acrobat Reader for viewing. There’s a link for downloading the reader, which is free. Nineteen European countries have separate engines in their national languages: Austria, Belgium, Cypress, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, the Hellenic Republic, Ireland, Italy, Liechtenstein, Luxemburg, Monaco, the Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom.


Canadian Intellectual Property Office Canadian Patent Database: This database contains more than 75 years worth of patent descriptions and images. The Search Foreign Patents option gives access to a variety of Patent Cooperation Treaty databases, as well as the USPTO and European Patent Office.


Department of Energy Patent Databases: This site has two databases of patents and patent applications owned by the Department of Energy or its contractors or assignees. The cumulative database, which is updated every six months, has bibliographic citations of patents that were developed at DOE labs or by contract researchers since 1978. It includes patent applications processed for the Energy Science and Technology Database (EDB) after January 1993. The Current Release Database contains only the latest EDB patents and patent applications, some of which are available in full text.

JPO: Japan Patent Office


DNA Patent Database: The Foundation for Genetic Medicine and the Georgetown University Kennedy Institute of Ethics offer the full-text of DNA patents issued by the USPTO. The compilers have categorized the patent claims by biological classification, function, or application. The page discloses when it was most recently updated.  As of 4/26/2000, the database contained nearly 16,000 patent documents.


Free Patents Online: The FreePatentsOnline search engine is one of the most powerful, fastest and easiest patent search engines on the web. Our search allows advanced search techniques such as word stemming, proximity searching, relevancy ranking and search term weighting to help you find exactly what you are looking for. And, our account features let you organize, annotate and share documents, and Alerts let you instantly be notified when new documents of interest are published.


Patent Surf: Discover United States patents and their natural relationships.


Patents.com: Patents.com provides one of the most comprehensive free patent search sites on the web. Our powerful patent search engine is fast, easy to use, and enables you to employ the most advanced patent search techniques.


Pending Infringement Litigation: The legal translation firm InterLingua.com maintains a free, searchable database of patent and trademark infringement cases. It’s under Who’s Suing Whom? On the Litigation Support page. Complete docket reports are available for $25.



Trademark -----Trademark-----

U.S. Patent and Trademark Office: For trademark searches, the USPTO has two systems. Both provide information from the PTO’s internal database about pending or registered marks. To check on the status of a mark, use the Trademark Application and Registration Retrieval System, which retrieves information by the mark’s serial or registration number.


State Trademark Information: This web site lists most of the state trademark registration offices of the United States and lists some of their databases.


UK Trade Marks: from the Patent Office of the United Kingdom This database is searchable by trade mark number as well as by keyword.


Canadian Trade-Marks Database: This database is searchable by many fields, including application or registration number, current or previous owner, and description.


Copyright ------Copyright------

U.S. Copyright Office: The Library of Congress Information System (LOCIS) contains copyright records since 1978 -- in theory. In practice, this system is an example of the frustrations and shortcomings of free searchable databases.


TinEye: Reverse Image Search Engine. This one is still in Beta (development), but has the promise to be a great tool.


Paid Search and Translation SolutionsPatent Search Tools

Pantros IP: ProSearch™ is the artificial intelligence based international patent search engine, and has long established itself as the smartest patent search technology. Using search queries comprised of full text paragraphs up to 1,000 words long, ProSearch finds highly relevant patents that legacy Boolean keyword patent search tools miss … every time!


Delphion: This site grew out of the IBM Intellectual Property Network (once known as the IBM Patent Server), after IBM teamed up with a company called Internet Capital Group in mid-2000. IBM's internal researchers initially developed this network for their own use, so no wonder the scope is impressive. The U.S. database covers patent descriptions and images from 1974 on, as well as some descriptions dating back to 1971.


DialogIP: provides U.S. copyright filings, as well as U.S. and foreign trademarks and patents. You may retrieve documents for a per-item charge or subscribe for member access.


Thomson & Thomson: has an online service with multiple features called SAEGIS. It allows you to comb the Web for occurrences of (or domain names incorporating) a proposed mark and receive e-mail notification of registrability. Thomson & Thomson’s extensive menu of search services may be ordered through the Web site (such as U.S. or Canadian copyright searches or trademark searches covering federal, state, Canadian, and European databases). Pricing varies by service.


Community of Science: maintains a searchable bibliographic database of U.S. patents issued since 1975. The main search engine supports a variety of limiting parameters, such as patent number, date, assignee, inventor, title, abstract, exemplary claims (for recent years), and U.S. and international classifications. It’s also possible to search by state, country, or classification. Key to this site’s appeal is its patent citation tracking feature, which uncovers patent references to or by a particular registration. Annual subscriptions begin at $250 for an individual.


Paterra: Machine translations for Korean, Russian, German and French patents.


Patent Application Tools

Patent Application Tools

Patent Tools - On this site, you will find several tools that are hopefully of great value to you, including;

  1. Claim Chart Generator - This tool automatically creates a claim chart template for your use. The Claim Chart Generator includes multiple options for formatting the claim chart including the number of columns in the chart and page orientation. The Claim Chart Generator can also generate charts for specific patent claims or for all claims.
  2. Patent Navigator - This tool is designed to provide an easy navigation tool for reviewing patents and their cited references. A navigation box on the left lets you quickly jump to specific sections of the patent. Additional features include viewing only a summary of the patent (i.e. the abstract, inventor info, filing dates, etc... but not the detailed specification or cited references) and/or viewing either all of the claims or only the independent claims.
  3. Independent Claim Comparison - This tool automatically creates a table with the independent claims side by side for your convenience. The chart provides the user with a quick view of all of the independent claims for a patent. Dependent claims are also supported.
  4. Claim Tree Generator - This tool automatically creates a tree of all claims for your convenience. The tree provides you with a quick view of the dependencies for all claims in a patent.
  5. Patent Link Generator - This tool automatically creates a web page containing links to patents on either the Patent Tools or USPTO websites
  6. Table Generator - This tool automatically creates a web page or an Excel spreadsheet containing a table of various information fields for any number of patents. Click image for larger sample.
  7. Patent to PDF Generator - This tool automatically creates a PDF file of a US patent for your use. This tool can create either image only or text searchable PDFs. The text searchable PDF files are created by using an OCR process on the PDF. The text searchable PDF files are of enormous value when considering the ability to search and copy text out of the PDF.
  8. Quick View - This tool automatically creates a web page containing high-level patent information for any number of supplied patents. The high-level information includes abstract, inventorship and priority information. Great for quickly reviewing a large number of patents at a very high level.
  9. Assignment Search - This utility will search the USPTO patent assignment database and generate a table listing the patents and patent applications for any given assignee/assignor.
  10. Family Tree - This tool creates a basic diagram of the patent family based upon the same information available via PAIR (but in a graphical and more useful format). The resulting diagram identifies cited parents and identifies all descendents of the patent or patent application.
  11. Search Results - This tool will use the URL from a USPTO search or a Google Patents query and gather all of your results for you into a single Excel spreadsheet.


Inventor ResourcesInventor Tools and Resources

Ask the Inventors!™ Includes a section on answers to the most popular invention questions, a list of resources to help the inventor get started, and advice on how to bring your invention to market. Also includes news and information about the Invention Industry.


IP Frontline: Leading online magazine of Intellectual Property and Technology


Invent now : National Inventors Hall of Fame website Includes a section on how to patent and frequently asked questions from inventors.


InventNET: The Inventors Network - Helping Inventors succeed since 1995.


Nondisclosure-agreement.com:Protect your unpatented idea with a Non Disclosure Agreement.
NonDisclosure-Agreement.Com is the website for finding forms and sample agreements about Non Disclsoure Agreements, NDAs and Confidentiality Agreements. We provide quick and affordable access to agreements, contracts, legal forms, and many other documents.  Save money using our sample agreements, sample contracts, and legal forms instead of calling an attorney.

Independent Inventor Resources This introduction to intellectual property protection is provided by the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office.


National Inventor Fraud Center: Registered patent attorney's advise on invention promotion companies and a list of "Good Guy" marketing resources, including their fees.


InventorEd's Invention Promotion Caution List: Lists invention promotion companies that the FTC has brought action against, were identified in court documents, or match a "Red Flag" profile.



Intellectual Property Blog's and Forums:

Intellectual Property CommunityInnovation for Inventors: A good source for practical information on developing and protecting your ideas.


Patent Information Users Group: PIUG was established in 1988. The objective of the group is to create a forum to discuss issues and concerns relevant to the patent searchers\' community. Also, PIUG promotes the importance of intellectual property, especially patent publications, and most specifically, the computerized patent databases. Since 1988, PIUG has worked with intellectual property database producers and vendors to maintain and to improve the quality of their product from the customer, or user, perspective.

The interactive PIUG wiki (http://wiki.piug.org) invites participation by adding and editing content on resource pages and via our discussion forums, particularly the principal PIUG-DF at http://wiki.piug.org/display/PIUG/Forum+-+PIUG-DF


IPWatchdog: Dedicated to providing a free, reliable and easily understandable resource on intellectual property law and related topics for industry professionals, businesses and individuals.


The Trademark Blog: Reviews and information on all things Trademark related.


PatentlyO: The nations leading patent law blog.


Promote the Progress: Patent Education Portal


The Invent Blog: by Patent Attorney Stephen M. Nipper


Erik J Heels: A blog about technology, law, baseball and rock 'n' roll!


Intellectual Property Forum: Intellectual Property Law Server forums on Patents, Trademark, Copyright, IP News, Jobs, Articles, Services and more!


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